The Story

The Thie family raised four generations of bakers on American soil. Wilhelm Thie opened the Wm. Thie Baking Co. in 1906 at the corner of Liberty and Dudley, near the site of the old Crosley Field, which all Cincinnatians know as the home of The Cincinnati Red Stockings. The Thie Baking Co. distributed fine bakery goods to almost thirty outlets throughout downtown Cincinnati and the surrounding neighborhoods.

William “Bill” Thie, Wilhelm’s oldest son, opened the Virginia Bakery in the charming gaslight district of Clifton. His attention to quality soon earned him a reputation as an outstanding baker. He became nationally known when elected as president of the American Retail Baker’s Association. After the downtown shop closed, Bill was joined by his mother “Hattie” and his younger brother, Carl. Bill and his wife Myrtle operated this well reputed and highly memorable bakery for over fifty years.

After Bill’s death, his son Howard “Red” Thie took the helm and was joined by his wife Cindy and brother Paul. Howard, being an excellent baker was soon awarded the prestigious honor as one of the first Certified Master Bakers in the United States. There were only seven in the first group. Cindy, with many talents of her own, became an award winning cake decorator.

In the 1990’s, Tom and Maureen Thie began the transition as owner’s of the now famous Virginia Bakery. Tom’s claim to fame was the marketing of the very popular Old Fashioned Schnecken, which became an international treat. Maureen became a talented cake decorator and was recognized as one of the first Certified Master Cake Decorators in the United States. She now teaches Pastry Arts at the Cincinnati State Technical College. Unto them a daughter was born, Carly, the fifth generation.

In 2005, a major accident forced the Thies to close the Virginia Bakery after 75 years of baking. It was a sad day in Cincinnati, another piece of history lost and no more Schnecken. Fortunately, Tom recovered and with the help of loyal customer and co-author, Cynthia Beischel, the Virginia Bakery recipes have been preserved in Virginia Bakery Remembered. Virginia Bakery Remembered is a collection of stories and articles which tell the history of Virginia Bakery and its “roll” in Cincinnati History. The book also contains over seventy recipes which will help you duplicate the famous pastries at home. Order your copy now and take a step back in time. You’ll enjoy it.